of qualified & experienced Occupational Therapists and
Physiotherapists to a reputed Recruiter in the UK !!


Training, Career Guidance and

Immediate job opportunities available
in the UK for Occupational Therapists.

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We prepare staff to enter the Western Healthcare workplace
by bridging the knowledge gaps of communication, whilst
providing opportunities for continuous professional development
in the International Healthcare arena

solution in the Global healthcare sector?

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Welcome To Queens Medical

Queens Medical is the trusted choice for your UK healthcare journey. We are a Sri Lanka based company that focuses exclusively on training and career development of healthcare professionals. We provide complete assistance to find your dream job in UK & guide and train you through the candidate selection process in a hassle free manner.

Why Queens Medical?

Trusted Career Pathway

We bring you the best opportunities from reputed & established employers in the UK.

Competitive Fee

We provide you with outstanding service for a competitive price in the market.

Professional Service & Training

The guidance and training will be coordinated by our team of industry experienced professionals.

Quality Candidates for Your Workplace

We will find you skilled and well trained candidates who will perform their duties long term, as per your expectations and beyond.

Why Choose Us

About Queens Medical

Queens Medical is an emerging training and workforce solutions service established in Sri Lanka that specializes in training & recommending Healthcare personnel for medical job placements in the United Kingdom. We offer great and competitive opportunities for Consultants, Junior Grade Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Assistants and Residential care in the UK healthcare job market. We have established a wide range of employer network connections in the United Kingdom, so our clients will be offered valuable opportunities to last a lifetime and they will be trained by our team to meet the UK healthcare standards. The candidates and the recruiters will be offered a high level of quality service from team Queens Medical with 100% dedication and customer satisfaction. Our company is guided and advised by experienced and qualified top management and their skills in clinical care will be used in the training & recommending of candidates.

  • Top-notch job opportunities in the UK healthcare sector.
  • Reliable and genuine service.
  • 100% satisfaction for both the recruiters and candidates.

What We Offer

A unique opportunity is what you need to build your career path to a whole new level. At Queens Medical we are specialized in finding great job opportunities from reputed and established employers in the healthcare sector in the UK. We will provide you with the very best training that you need to work based on UK standards.

• Unique job opportunities for the candidates
• Startdardized training opportunity
• Reputed and established employer network

Our Process for Candidates

First, apply with Queens Medical using our web portal. Then our team of professionals will review your application and we will conduct an initial interview with you. You will then, have to face an interview with the UK employer depending on the qualifications and the opportunities available. Once you have been selected by the UK employer you have to complete the IELTS exam and the other relevant requirements which should be completed from your end. Our team of professional trainers will train you for learning and development to keep you up to date with UK standards. Then you will be directed to your UK employer for the process of the visa.

  • Full guidance guaranteed.
  • Quick & Easy Process.
  • Selection process to find the best candidates.

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